Door Installation

Hiring a home door installation contractor can sometimes be very daunting for the consumer. Whether you are looking for a patio door, a new front entrance door, or a swinging patio door, you first have a choice between hiring a door contractor that does general renovations or handyman type of work, or hiring a larger company that may focus on doors as one of their main products and services. The smaller renovation door contractor may just buy their door at a lumber yard or utilize builders grade doors, and the larger door contractor company may provide a better energy rated and much higher quality custom made door including factory painting. Regardless of which of these two directions you may go in, there is one very important door renovation requirement you need to consider. How will my new door be installed? Why? Because 80% of ANY door’s performance is based on the installation alone!

Doors in particular have extra importance in proper anchoring and securing! Let’s face it, you may open your window a number of times a month in the nice weather, but you may open your door 10 or even 20 times or more a DAY, all year round! If your door isn’t properly secured and extra anchoring at the hinges right back into the wall studding, it will soon sag. If a door sags even a little it will rub against the door frame, rub against the sill and not close easily, it will then quickly wear off the rubber door sweep and be drafty, or then not easily lock any more. Make sure your door installation contractor is properly installing your new door!

80% Of The Doors Performance Is Based On The Door Installation

  • Where and how the door will be shimmed
  • Are the hinges anchored right through the door frame to the stud wall
  • How the door is insulated
  • How is the door anchored & secured
  • Is the door level & square
  • Is the vapour barrier re-created
  • What kind of caulking is being used
  • Is the door sill properly supported and sealed

Every type or style of door needs to be shimmed based on points of stress, structure, and support. So patio and garden doors are shimmed and anchored differently than entrance doors.

There needs to be a certain number of anchor screws used in the specific locations for each different style of door. Too often a door contractor will put just enough screws to hold the door in, but not secure the door for long term performance. There also needs to be special attention paid to the sill area, many times a new under support cement sill needs to be added or replaced, as you will always be stepping on and placing stress on that area.

Spray foam insulation is used to fill the cavity around the new door for insulation, but it also needs to quite often be installed in a specific way to re-create the vapour barrier, otherwise you will trap moisture that could leave to mold and decay.

Flashings, moldings, and exteriors need to be caulked with a proper caulking to insure water protection. It is also important to apply a bead of caulking that is correct as to not have cracking and separation take place over the different seasons allowing water infiltration, again leading to mold and rot or decay.

Our Door Installation Technicians

We strive to provide our customers with the very best installation possible which is why our door installation technicians only install windows and doors. Our installation teams have the knowledge and skill only available through years of experience.

Our door installers are factory trained and follow very strict guidelines to ensure your new door performs exactly as the manufacturer intended for years to come.

Our consultants will discuss with you specific installation techniques and any installation concerns they may identify, they will inspect for existing water damage and educate you on the installation process step by step.

Our door installers treat every home as if it were their own using drop cloths and thoroughly clean the work area before leaving your home. A brand new quality installed door is the only evidence we leave behind.

All of our Installation technicians are covered under WSIB workers insurance, and we carry $2,000,000.00 in liability insurance for your protection.

All of our work is covered by a Lifetime Transferable Workmanship Warranty to insure true performance, and to provide you with absolute peace of mind.