There is $2500 available to residential homeowners as of January 8, 2015 to upgrade and complete renovations to your home that saves energy! This energy renovation rebate program is available until December 31, 2016 but there is limited funds set aside, and once all the funds have been depleted the program will be terminated, so take advantage today!

Absolute Windows & Doors will be involved and working with our customers to take advantage of this great energy saving rebate program. Customers that are looking anytime in the near future to complete a siding renovation project or replace their windows or doors, can get monies from this energy renovation rebate grant to do so!

If you are replacing your house siding we can add insulation under the siding and gain you a energy rebate of $1500. In addition, you can also get $40 for every window or door that you replace.

The best news about this energy rebate compared to rebates in the past such as the Eco Energy grant, is that Union Gas will also rebate the $500 it costs to get the energy audit to qualify for the rebate program. This is a win-win scenario for any home owners looking to replace their windows, doors or house siding!

R-9 1 ½ ” Insulation Under Siding

How Do I Qualify?It’s as easy as 1 2 3

  1. You must own a semi detached or fully detached home that is heated with natural gas and be a Union Gas customer
  2. You must have an energy audit to test and inspect your home
  3. You must complete the work outlined in the rebate program and have a second follow-up audit to inspect that the work has been completed

How Much Does The Energy Audit Cost?

The first audit is $350 and the second audit is $150 totalling $500. The great news is you will get the $500 reimbursed once you complete the renovation work and collect on the rebate, all you have to pay is the HST! You also have to do 2 projects.

Don’t Worry We Will Help

Absolute Windows & Doors will help our customers by arranging the audit and walking you through the process. We will also advise you on what and how to do to take full advantage of the program with your window or siding renovation project. The Audit company also processes and submits all the paperwork so it is that easy!

$40 For Every Window And Door
Up To $1500 For Siding Insulation

The Energy Renovation Rebate Amount Breakdown

  • Windows & Doors = $40 each
  • Under Siding Insulation – R-3.8 = $1000 or R-9 = $1500
  • Crawl Space Insulation = $400 to $800
  • Attic Insulation = $250 to $500
  • Air Sealing = $100 to $150
  • Furnace Upgrade = $500 to replace a low or mid efficiency to high efficiency
  • Water Heater – $200 to upgrade to an high efficiency water heater

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Ask your energy auditor for all the qualifying information and criteria