The Partnership Team at Absolute Windows & Doors is not only your choice for a siding installation contractor, but also your choice as a siding design consultant!

We specialize in not only covering your home with siding, but adding the Absolute “Design It” Advantage. While many siding contractor companies may try and compete by just covering your home with siding and to offer a lower price, we take the time to educate you on the many types, colours and styles of siding available to turn your siding renovation project into a dream come true. Absolute does all this for about the same price as you would pay for just a very basic siding cover renovation; depending on the styles , colours and accessories you select.

Before starting any siding project, there are several things to consider and inspect. In cold spots or any other possible areas of concerns, it is important to consider your options to adding extra insulation to your home for added efficiency. Additionally, it is important to locate any water damage or rot while the siding is removed, as this is the easiest way to discover problematic areas.

Absolute Windows & Doors’s goal is to work with you to better understand what you aim to achieve through your siding renovation project. Through our consultation we will discuss the style and colour options best suited to your home, as well discussing areas of concern that can be addressed during your renovation; such as poor water drainage from your existing your eavestrough, creating hazardous walkways.

The siding colour, profile, and panel options can give you many choices and a new opportunity to change the look of your home, and with an older home you may want to design it to look like a newer modern home, or use those choices to retain the character and look of an older heritage type of home. The additional options with ½ round or shake siding can be used on walls or just in front end gables to enhance the look of your home, and fabricating fascia and capping with architectural bends can dramatically add character and add value to your home with your new siding installation. Go to our Siding Colour & Style Page for more information!

Our Siding Installation Technicians

The siding installation technicians at Absolute Windows & Doors specialize in the installation of siding, soffit, fascia and eavestrough; with a distinction for quality and design. Our specialists will gladly address any questions or concerns and welcome you to be apart of every step of your project; we pride ourselves on professionalism and approachability. To ensure your siding installation and renovation vision is met, our design team will work closely with our expert siding contractors during your project.

Considerations When Deciding Your Siding Project

Siding renovation projects can dramatically change the look and style of your home, but building your vision while also managing the issues and concerns can sometimes seem daunting. Absolute Windows & Doors can help! Let our checklist help you with some of the things you may need to consider before you commence your siding renovation project, and select your siding renovation contractor!

My Siding Project Checklist

  • Do I want to just give my home a facelift and make it maintenance free, or dramatically change the looks and style of my home?
  • What are my siding colour and style options best suited to my home?
  • Is there an area of water damage, rot, or mold that is a concern?
  • Are there areas of concern with my eavestrough? Such as poor water drainage, leaf buildup, etc.
  • Are there any cold spots I want to address, or do I feel I need to add insulation to my home?
  • How can siding or trim accessories enhance the look of my home?
  • Will I be doing any other exterior renovations in the future such as replacing my window or doors, or installing a new deck?
  • Do I want my home to have a cohesive look with other homes on the street, or have a special and unique look to stand out?
  • Would it be beneficial to address other exterior renovations projects while completing my siding renovation; Such as window and door replacement or installing a new porch?
  • What are all of my options for siding products, and which is best suited for my home?
  • Do I have all the information required to make the best decision for me, and am I educated on the complete siding project?
  • What are the warranties and credentials of the siding contractor companies, and will they come back if there is a problem?

Absolute Windows & Doors is dedicated to checking everything off of your siding installation project, and addressing any questions or concerns you may have prior to, or during the project. Find out how Absolute Windows & Doors can help you get started with your siding renovation by asking a question or booking a consultation.

Visit our “Siding Design” page and get great ideas on styles and colours, or upload a picture of your home and explore some of those ideas with the “Virtual Siding Designer”.