Insulation Under Siding

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It’s the most cost effective way of adding more insulation to the walls of your home!

Installing insulation under your new siding can dramatically increase the warmth and comfort of your home in the winter, and also keep it cooler in the summer. Some older homes may have very little insulation as compared to what present day building codes demand, and you can double or even triple the insulation value of your home’s walls by adding insulation under your newly installed siding.

Certain types of siding insulation also have a great ability to level off the wall area, providing a more consistent and sharper look to the completed house siding renovation project. You will also want to look at areas to insulate with your siding project that you may not have considered, areas such as where the main floor may hang over the lower level. You may also notice that the floor always seems cold in that area. By having your siding installation contractor install insulation under that floor area, you can make a noticeable difference in the comfort and feel of your home.

Since insulation will build out your wall the thickness of the installed insulation, you also need to consider what may happen to the windows and doors that will now be set back farther into the wall. You can easily build out the windows and doors if you are also replacing them with your siding installation project, but you may want to balance out the thickness of the added wall insulation with the impact you will have on the look of your home once the project is finished. Our siding design consultants will work with you to find the best options to meet all your needs, and have your siding renovation project dreams come true.

Siding Insulation Types And R-Values

There are a good number of choices when it comes to insulation under your siding, there is rigid foam insulation, foil board insulation, and even spray foam insulation. The most important factor you need to consider when choosing your siding insulation is the insulation property or R-Value, an this should be well discussed with your siding contractor..

Siding insulation can provide R-values from as little as R-1 to well over R-10. If you already have R-12 in the walls and add R-10 exterior wall siding under the siding, you will now have a combined wall R-Value of R-22.

The current building code requires a R-Value of R-24 in wall areas above grade.

  • Extruded Polystyrene Foam or Rigid Foam Insulation 1” = R-5
  • Extruded Polystyrene Foam or Rigid Foam Insulation 2” = R-10
  • Johns Manville AP Foil rigid foam sheathing ¾” = R-4.5
  • Johns Manville AP Foil rigid foam sheathing 1 ½” = R-9
  • Johns Manville AP Foil rigid foam sheathing 2 ½” – R-15
  • Low density Spray Foam Insulation = R-3.8 per inch
  • Med density Spray Foam Insulation = R-6 per inch

We Offer Spray Foam Insulation Under Your Siding

Absolute is one of very few siding installation contractors that offers spray foam insulation as an option under your new siding. Typically what we would do is strap the wall with 2” x 4” material and spray foam in between, providing 1 ¾ ” of foam insulation. We can provide more insulation just by using a thicker strapping to provide the R-Value you are looking for. This may also be a good time to consider spraying foam insulation in the basement or other areas, as we will be there with our insulation equipment and crew to easily do so.

BEWARE – Many siding companies will use a 3/8” wrap that provides very little siding insulation value to the home, and tell you they are installing insulation under the siding. When selecting your siding installation contractor insure they tell you the R-value of the insulation, and that they put it in writing!