Siding Design

When planning your siding renovation project it is important to have a good idea of the finished look you want to achieve as a start. Many siding contractors will simply quote your siding project on just covering your home with siding and try to gain your business on a low price, and sometimes will even try to talk you out of adding accent siding or trim, saying it costs too much so don’t do it.

We have found that most consumers want to not just cover their home with siding, but also add accents, changes to colours and siding styles, and make their home look special and unique as compared to other homes on their street.

As your siding contractor Absolute Windows & Doors offers you the Absolute “Design Advantage”. Our siding design consultants with work with you to help you build your siding vision, and work with you to make your exterior home siding dreams come true.

Let’s Get Started – Siding Design Basics

Before you start to choose the style and colour of siding and accessories for your home, ask yourself some basic “getting started” questions about how your home looks now.

LINE AND SHAPE: How do your roof, front door and windows interact with the overall shape of your home? Where do things flow and where do they interrupt each other? Sometimes interrupting is good.

TEXTURE: Every siding texture feels different. How much depth do you want? Are you going for simplicity? Drama? Dramatic simplicity?

SPACE: How are things out there ? Is it looking crowded? A bit blank? Perfectly fine if you only had some half rounds? The siding you choose can actually increase the perceived size of your home.

COLOR: What parts of your home do you want to warm up or calm down? What about both at the same time? Think about it.

Basic Siding Cover Up
The Absolute “Design Advantage”

The Absolute “Design Advantage”

Our siding design consultants will work with you to explore different styles, colours, types, trims and accessories that will be a great fit for your home, based on your siding renovation project vision and dreams. We will also work to find ways to enhance your finished siding project while also keeping within your budget. You may be surprised to learn our pricing for a designed siding project may be about the same as your would pay for just a basic siding project, depending on the type and styles of siding you select.

Siding Colour Selection

Siding colour options are changing, and consumers are always looking to find that new siding colour to have their home stand out as unique and different. However, with so many colour options available it can be challenging sometimes to find that perfect colour match with other accessories or trim on your home. Our “Colour Selection” page can not only provide a great many colour options for your new siding project, but also give you colour matches to help build your total exterior siding project vision.