Siding Types & Options

When planning for your siding renovation project with your siding company it is good to know some of the products available you may not be well aware of. Absolute Windows & Doors will give you the “Design Advantage” when building your siding renovation dream, by a providing comprehensive consultation to discuss all of the siding options available to you.

For example, some of your designer siding choices are half round siding, shake siding, board & batten siding, and even stone siding options to help you build your vision, and with Absolute Windows & Doors, make all your exterior home siding dreams come true.

Half Round Siding

Half Round Siding is one of the elegant siding options that can greatly enhance the look of your home, and is commonly used in areas as an accent. You may want to use half round siding in a gable end to emulate the craftsmanship on an older Victorian home, under a bay window, or on other areas to accent as explored with your Siding Designer.

There is a little more cost to this type of siding. So when designing your siding renovation, it is important to balance a budget with concern to siding prices, to best achieve all of your siding renovation goals.

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Shake Siding

There are two shake siding options, rough cut shake siding and smooth shake siding. Both shake siding options provide different depth and texture for siding design ideas.

Shake siding is also a great siding option for accent siding in a gable end, such as the half round siding, or used to enhance the look of your home by completing a front wall or used as dormer siding. Shake siding has very different depth and texture and will certainly stand out, to help make your home unique and different from the other homes on the street.

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Board & Batten Siding

Board and batten siding is a clean, popularized vertical siding option that comes in different depths and profiles; offering a basic siding profile or a more pronounced and bold siding profile.

For your siding installation project, you can board and batten as an area accent, on just one wall or complete your entire siding renovation project with this popular siding option

As is with all of our siding, board and batten siding comes in a large selection of different siding colour options. Use our siding colour selector, to see what siding colour choices will best suit your home.

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Versetta Stone Siding

Versetta Stone siding is a stone panel that looks like real stone masonry. This faux stone siding is made with a stone veneer and can be used an accent or as a complete stone siding design. As your Versetta Stone siding contractor, we will be happy to help you plan and design your stone siding installation, and work with you to find the best stone siding colour and stone siding style to give your home that beautiful stone siding masonry look you’ve dreamed of.

Versetta Stone without question will add true class and elegance to your home, and Absolute Windows & Doors is your choice for Versetta Stone siding installation!

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