Affordable, Quality Windows in London Ontario

Absolute Windows & Doors prides itself on offering the very best in products and service to our customers. Providing the best possible products at an affordable price was one of the reasons we picked VWD windows as our manufacturer of choice. For more information on why we chose VWD windows, visit our Manufacturer Page. Not sure which type of window is right for your home? Not to worry! Our trained sales professionals will help you make the right choice! Contact us today!

All of our windows are available in a wide range of colours, interior trim, grille and Energy Efficient Glass options to match any requirements you might have.

Double Hung Windows

A double hung vinyl replacement window has two sashes that move up and down and they both can tilt into the room for easy cleaning.

Double Slider Windows

A double slider vinyl replacement window has two sashes that swing in like a door for easy cleaning. You can also ventilate either side or both sides.

Casement Windows

A casement vinyl replacement window has a single sash that swings or cranks to the outside, and can be coupled with a fixed replacement window so just one side opens and one side does not, or a side by side casement that both open. Casement screens are on the inside.

Awning Windows

An awning vinyl replacement window has a single sash that swings or cranks to the outside, it is similar to a casement window except that the hinging is on the top and it opens from the bottom. Often you can place a picture replacement window above or below it, and it is a great window for over the kitchen sink. Awning replacement window screens are on the inside.

Bay & Bow Windows

A Bay or Bow vinyl replacement window is actually a combination of replacement windows coupled together. You can use a number of combinations of different types of windows to achieve the look and functionality you want. The common replacement windows for bays and bows are casements, single or double hung, and fixed pictures windows. For more information please visit our Bay & Bow Windows page.

Fixed Picture Windows

A fixed picture vinyl replacement window doesn’t open, and can stand alone as a non-venting window, or is often used in combination with other venting replacement windows to create an overall window system. The fixed window comes in different profiles, so when coupled with another replacement window the frame size matches for a consistent look.

Single Hung & Single Slider Windows

A single hung or single slider vinyl replacement window has two sashes the same as a double hung or double slider replacement window, however one of those two sashes are fixed and doesn’t open. As only one of the sashes open, only one of the sashes has a screen. Both sashes tilt into the room for easy cleaning.

Garden & Greenhouse Windows

Transform any room into an indoor garden with a custom-designed Greenhouse Window or Mini-Solarium from VWD. Greenhouse windows protrude outward from the home, allowing more light and are a natural greenhouse. Great for seedlings and high-maintenance plants, these windows can feature shelving on multiple levels to maximize space. They can also feature an awning- style top with a crank and pole to allow airflow from the outside without having to reach. They’re economical and built to last.