All About Egress Windows

Basement living areas require and must have an emergency escape and rescue opening, it’s the law. Homeowners may come up with all sorts of reasons why they don’t think they need an egress window. But, if you have a sleeping area in the basement for family, friends, or a basement rental apartment or room; it is imperative you have a means of escape in case there was ever a fire or other emergency in the home.

The small size of many basement windows does not allow for escape and can easily create a death trap in the basement. Many basements traditionally have only one means of escape inside, to climb up a set of wooden stairs to end up on the main floor, and if there is a fire on the main floor such as in the kitchen you would be trapped in the basement, and there would be no means to get to you by emergency services such as the fire department. If the fire started in the furnace or mechanical room you could easily be blocked off and trapped again from escaping to safety.

Our egress window consultants can help guide you to find the right energy efficient type of glass, colour and style, window configuration, interior finish trim, and maintenance free exterior to best suit your home and budget.

Egress windows will greatly brighten up your basement area by allowing in more natural light

The peace of mind for your loved ones, not to mention your liability if someone did get hurt or lost their life in a fire, well justifies investing in a basement egress window and doing it right. If you have a granny suite or maybe rent out a room in the basement it is your responsibility as the homeowner to insure a safe means of escape from a fire, you are liable and responsible to insure that means of escape is there and meets local building code requirements for a basement egress window.

Our Egress Windows

Absolute Windows & Doors uses only quality VWD replacement windows for our egress window installations. Some of the many replacement vinyl window options that are standard with all of VWD’s windows include fold away casement handles, self cleaning glass, bug proof frames, glass options to reduce heat problems from the sun, soft coat LOE glass, argon gas filled glass units, natural view glass and many more.

VWD windows are Window Wise certified, Energy Star rated, CSA approved far exceeding CSA 440 standards, and rated as having some of the best energy ratings available for warmth and energy efficiency in Canada. VWD windows is your best investment for cost effectiveness, and optimum performance long term!