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Expert Window Installation In London, Ontario

Hiring a replacement window installation contractor can sometimes be very daunting for the consumer. Basically you first have a choice between hiring a window contractor that does general renovations or handyman type of work, or hiring a larger company that may focus on windows as one of their main products and services. The smaller renovation window contractor may just buy their replacement windows at a lumber yard or utilize builders grade windows, and the larger window contractor company may provide a better energy rated and higher quality window. Regardless of which of these two directions you may go in, there is one very important window renovation requirement you need to consider. How will my new windows be installed? Why? Because 80% of ANY replacement window’s performance is based on the installation alone!

80% Of The Windows Performance Is Based On The Window Installation

  • 80% Of The Windows Performance Is Based On The Window Installation
  • Where and how the window be shimmed
  • Is it a RSO or retro fit window install
  • How the window is insulated
  • How is the window anchored & secured
  • Is the window level & square
  • Is the vapour barrier re-created
  • What kind of caulking is being used
  • Is there proper sill drainage

Every type or style of replacement window needs to be shimmed based on drainage and points of stress, structure, and support. If you shim a window too tight or in the wrong place it can easily become distorted when it needs to expand from heat or effects of the sun. Different types of replacement windows get shimmed in different ways.

There needs to be a certain number of anchor screws used in the specific locations for each different style of window. Too often a window contractor will put just enough screws to hold the window while they trim and caulk. It is even not unheard of for windows to have no screws used at all when a contractor wants to rush.

Spray foam insulation is used to fill the cavity around the new window for insulation, but it also needs to quite often be installed in a specific way to re-create the vapour barrier, otherwise you will trap moisture that could leave to mold and decay.

Flashings, moldings, and exteriors need to be caulked with a proper caulking to insure water protection. It is also important to apply a bead of caulking that is correct as to not have cracking and separation take place over the different seasons allowing water infiltration, again leading to mold and rot or decay.

Our Replacement Window Installation Technicians

Our window installers ONLY install windows and doors so you can rest assured they are experts in what they do.

Our window installation specialists are factory trained to meet exacting manufacturer specifications. Ensuring your new windows are installed as per manufacturer requirements, your new windows will perform exactly as intended for years of worry free use.

Our windows installers leave your house as they found it. Drop cloths, vacuums and cleaners are all standard equipment. The only thing we leave behind is your new window!

All of our Installation technicians are covered under WSIB workers insurance, and we carry $2,000,000.00 in liability insurance for your peace of mind.

All of our work is covered by a Lifetime Transferable Workmanship Warranty to insure true performance, and to provide you with absolute peace of mind.